Testing is a regular part of our Q.C. process, ensuring that each and every order is color accurate. In our dedicated quality labs, we also have the ability to conduct specialized testing, including:

Q.U.V. Weatherometer Testing – When your product is going to be exposed to the elements, we can not only provide the proper additives to stabilize our color, but those to protect the life of your part as well. Our Q.U.V. Weatherometer Testing Service ensures the best formulas are in place to suit your intended uses.

Spectrophotometer Testing – We can analyze the spectral curve of all colorants we manufacture. We will gladly provide these readings to assure color accuracy and lot to lot consistency. Should you be experiencing process color shift we can help analyze your parts using our spectrophotometer software to see where the deviations are coming from and assist in resolving your problem.

Melt-Flow Indexing – Knowing the melt flow of your materials can be important in many ongoing, as well as new applications. In our labs, we can determine the melt flow of your materials to ensure consistency with each and every shipment.