Educating and equipping our customers is a top priority at Colors For Plastics. We offer our color expertise in a consulting capacity at several different levels, including:

On-Site Technical Service – In an industry where large equipment varies from customer to customer, individual color discrepancies can develop. In these cases, we can offer experienced Processing Specialists to provide reliable on-site solutions.

Customized Color Standard Program – Colors For Plastics can assist your quality assurance department in developing a comprehensive Color Standard Program that can help to streamline your color inspections, reduce operator uncertainty and improve the efficiency of your production. A Color Standard Program can be as simple as supplying lot chips on every order, or as sophisticated as having similar Color Metric data and Spectrophotometer parameters in place at our facility and yours.

Customized Q.C. Programs – Our Quality Assurance department is available to work with you in developing Q.C. Programs that are both comprehensive and easy to use. We encourage a team approach, working with our customers to ensure they achieve the color they desire.